My Top 5 Skincare Tips

Hey guys!

As a blogger I do try out a lot of skincare bits and that’s how I understood what works for me. But just having a tonne of skincare products doesn’t get you good skin. I will share with you a few tips that have worked for me and with having incorporating them into my routine I have seen a world of a difference in my skin.

Prep your skin- Your skin needs to be ready to absorb  all the goodness you’re applying. I like to clean my face with a gentle cleanser and warm water first to open the pores and take out all the junk. Thereafter, I splash cold water on my face to close the pores.

Double Cleanse – Whether I am wearing makeup that day or not, at the end of my day I always double cleanse my skin. Doing chores at home or the route to office exposes your skin to dirt particles which need to be thoroughly removed. Using micellar cleansing water after washing your face ensures your face is squeaky clean.

Application-The best way to apply your skincare is by pressing it into your skin. Do not work it a circular motion. Work the products on your palm and then gently press it in to your skin.

Order of application- If you do not follow an order of application you will not see any results. Following an order ensures that your product penetrates into your skin, giving you the desired results. Always bear in mind to go from the lightest textures to the heaviest texture. CLEANSER-> TONER-> SERUM->EYE CREAM-> SPOT TREATMENTS (Night)-> MOISTURISER-> SUNSCREEN (Day) or EMULSION (Night).

Pay attention to what your skin needs- Stare at your face in a mirror and pay attention to what your skin really needs. Is it dry, flaky, too much pigmentation or is some product causing a reaction. Only if you are observant will you know what to use. Do not apply multiple treatments at once. Be sure to use treatments or peels at night only.


I hope this post has been informative for you. if you would like me to share an in-depth post on my day time and night time products , do leave a comment down below. Till my next post” STAY BEAUTIFUL” xoxo

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