Kiko 3D Hydra Lipgloss

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Today’s post is on the 3D Hydra Lipgloss I bought from the Kiko store in Delhi. They have a excellent range of lip products and it can definitely be a little over whelming in their store. I picked up a few lip products which I will be reviewing individually over the next few days so you guys can get an in depth review on their products.

Top-03 Pearly Apricot  & Bottom-02 Natural Beige

These glosses have a cookie buttercream fragrance to them. They do not feel sticky on the lips and wear beautifully by themselves or over a lipstick as well. I wish the shades had names though. The packaging is amazing as always Kiko does a brilliant job. You can see the colour of the gloss through the packaging which makes it easier to access when stored.

02&03 (L-R)
02&03 (L-R)

The shade 02 is a natural beige and shade 03 is a pearly apricot colour. The formula feels amazing on the lips. It adds shine and hydrates your lips at the same time. The formula has Biden’s extract in it which hydrates the lips post an hour of application( studies have proven this fact)


The soft applicator makes easy to line the lips for a perfect application.

Price: Rs.900/-

Weight: 6.5ml



Product Claims

Softening lip gloss for shiny, plumped lips. The soft texture feels wonderful, blending into the lips and leaving them smooth and radiant. The formula contains Bidens extract.The application awakens your senses, leaving the lips feeling wonderful. The product glides on effortlessly and adheres immediately. The soft wand applicator is designed to accentuate the gloss’ texture and precisely outline the lips.It is dermatologically tested. And is Non-comedogenic ( does not cause blocked pores).


Long wearing


Comfortable to wear

Soft texture


Great Packaging

Pleasant Fragrance

Travel Friendly

High glossy texture

Good shade range

Plumps up the lips


Not easily available across the country

Slightly over priced

I like these glosses more than the MAC cosmetic ones, which goes to say a lot about their quality. Do come back tomorrow for more reviews. Till my next post “STAY BEAUTIFUL” xoxo

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