Beauty Ingredient: CASTOR OIL


Today’s post is slightly different from the other articles available on my blog. Currently natural oils are taking the market by storm. Consumers want to know more about natural ingredient based products or organic essential oils. Therefore today I shall be focusing on Castor Oil, which is easily accessible in most of our homes. This oil has been apart of my haircare and skincare routine for years. I was always told by my mum about it’s benefits. So I put together this post to ensure you get all the information you need about castor oil in one place.

Castor Oil Seeds
Castor Oil Seeds

What is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is a vegetable oil derived from the seeds of the castor oil plant Ricinus communis. The castor oil plant is primarily grown in Africa, South America, and India. Castor oil contains Vitamin E, proteins and Omega 6 & 9 that are the key components responsible for good hair and skin.

Castor Oil Plant
Castor Oil Plant

Castor Oil has great benefits for our skin, hair and overall well-being. The best type of castor oil to use are the cold press ones as the lack of heat means that there is a lower risk of degrading the oil’s natural healing properties. The purest form of castor oil is yellowish in colour and has a thick consistency.  Caution: If you’ve never used castor oil before, I recommend trying it on a small patch of skin first, such as the back of the wrist, to make sure that your body is not allergic to it.


Hair ( Always mix it with another oil such jojoba oil, almond oil or coconut oil)

  1. Promotes hair growth
  2. Great natural conditioner
  3. Prevents premature graying
  4. Helps soothe scalp infections,follliculitus & dandruff
  5. Contains Ricinoleic acid which is also said to help balance scalp pH
  6. The antioxidants in castor oil also support the keratin in hair making it more stronger and less prone to being frizzy.


  1. Contains essential fatty acids whic help in restoring the skin’s natural moisture balance.
  2. Prevents wrinkles
  3. Fights acne
  4. Reduces puffiness
  5. Has anti-inflammatory properties- helps with sunburns,lighting of scars & natural remedy for styes.
  6. Fights dry lips
  7. Prevents stretch marks

Overall Well Being

  1. Great natural laxative (Should be taken with caution and it is not suitable for pregnant and nursing women)
  2. Treats backpain ( Soak a cotton cloth in castor oil and thereafter place it on your back. Wrap that area with cling wrap and place a hot water bag on it and leave it there for 30 minutes minimum. Repeat this process for 1 week atleast)
  3. Strengthens immunity
  4. Disinfects wounds as it contains anti inflammatory properties

Where to buy 

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Till my next post “STAY BEAUTIFUL” xoxo

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