5 foods you need to eat for healthy glowing skin

Hello Beauty Bugs!

We often get sucked into the world of chemical skincare. We all want our skin to look radiant and healthy. The key to long lasting radiant glowy skin is a balanced diet. We need to include  nutrients such as iron, protein, vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids etc. I will share with you 5 food options you can include in your diet for healthy glowing skin.

GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES- Spinach,Broccoli,Lettuce,Mustard Greens etc 

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Green leafy vegetables contain a high amount of anti-oxidants which help with delaying the signs of ageing. The presence of iron helps with reducing dark circles. The anti oxidants present in these vegetables decrease the occurence of redness, puffiness around the eyes and reduces the occurence of wrinkles.



Eggs contain a high amount of pure protein. The presence of CHOLINE is vital as it helps us attain smooth and firm skin as it regulates the levels of vitmain B in our body. It improves the elasticity of our skin which makes it less prone to damage. This means your skin cells are better protected from sun, pollution and any other physical stressors because the cell membranes are in good shape.



Have you ever wondered why a tomato is red in colour? At the beginning tomatoes are green in colour as they contain chlorophyll. Through photosynthesis the chlorophyll is broken down into a red carotenoid (pigment) which is  lycopene.  Lycopene helps boosts collagen strength, which basically makes your skin feel more firm and taut. It also helps shield your skin from sun damage. I recommend consuming cooked tomatoes as the lycopene doubles when it is cooked.

NUTS & SEEDS- Walnuts, chia seeds, flaxseeds etc

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These are rich in Omega3 fatty acids which is needed by our body. It protects your skin’s cell membranes. Cell membranes which are strong help keep your skin smooth and hydrated. Other options for omega3 fatty acids are salmon fish, soybeans, mackerel ,fish eggs etc.

CITRUS FRUITS – Oranges, grapefruit etc


These are rich in Vitamin C  which help reduce brown spots caused by the sun, boost healthy collagen production for smooth skin, and improve the skin’s healing process leading to a quicker rebound from breakouts and acne.


Always maintain a balanced diet and you shall see a dramatic change in your skin.  Till my next post ” STAY BEAUTIFUL” xoxo





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